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รหัส : DT1002
DT-1 Evolution Air Filter
DT-1 Motocorss Schaumstoff air filter Superseal - CROSS EVOLUTION
ราคา: 1,400.00
พิเศษ: 1,200.00
จำนวน :

รหัส : DTbox01
DT-1 Airbox Cover
DT1 Air Box Cover Great For Washing Inside Your Air Box.

ราคา: 1,500.00
พิเศษ: 1,200.00
จำนวน :

รหัส : NGK01
NGK Racing Spark Plugs
Introducing the ultimate evolution in spark plug technology and performance.
ราคา: 950.00
พิเศษ: 850.00
จำนวน :

รหัส : Dt1Air1
DT1 Air Filter
DT1 Honda Air Filters

DT-1 airfilters are the most technologically advanced foam air-filters on the market. Handmade in Belgium and the USA. Their super-seal base eliminates the need for grease and creates the cleanest and best seal on the market. DT-1 have been manufacturing for over 20 years and is the choice of today`s top professionals. DT-1 is sold worldwide

DT1 Super seal air filters, specially designed dual layer bonded foam filters for maximum horse power and protection. Fused inner and outerlayer to prevent dirt getting clogged between layers. DT1 ' s world class foam technology delivers maximum airflow while maintaining critical engine protection.

DT1's unique super seal is a rubber foam layer that makes grease a thing of the past.
Waterproof and dirtproof!

Our pre-oiled filters are oiled with the highest quality bio-degradeable fire retardant filter oil.
ราคา: 1,200.00
พิเศษ: 1,100.00
จำนวน :

รหัส : CHR01
Chain Roller
Chain roller with sealed bearings.
ราคา: 1,150.00
พิเศษ: 900.00
จำนวน :

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