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HSL Holeshot Linkage System article

Everyone knows how important it is to be first out of the gate when motocross racing! This part of the linkage works as the same way as the front "Holeshot" device attached to the front forks.
Holeshot front forks was such a success that 9 out of 10 racers have it mounted. The problem with only having a Holeshot front fork fitted was it only compressed the forks and not the rear. A development was required and the HSL was born...
With the "Holeshot Linkage System” the linkage compresses the rear suspension and so the bike sits more on the rear-wheel, for better balance and contact with the ground that gives the rear sprocket that much needed tension on the chain that results in a better respons.

The HSL linkage was tested by professional GP teams and AMA riders such as:
-Kawasaki racing team.
-Team CLS Kawasaki.
-Bud racing.
-Team Honda Gariboldi Racing.
-HRC Honda Racing.
-Rinaldi-Yamaha factory racing.
-Kemea Yamaha racing.
-DP19 Yamaha racing.
-Ice One Husqvarna factory racing.

Easy to fit! Bearings and seals included (VISS modification may be needed on the linkage on some models).

Made in the EU from high quality 7075-aluminum that is anodized for a neat look and corrosion resistance.
Each linkage may have 2-4 different settings on how low the bike can be lowered 0.0-30mm. It comes with 2 Bolts with different depth settings.

HSL system also requires a front fork Holeshot device to be used for better performance.

Choose between 2 different lengths of linkage. Original or a slightly longer connection.
A longer connection makes your bike lower. They say that 1mm makes a difference in the linkage of 3 mm on the motorcycle, so a linkage that is 2 mm long, the bike lowers to 6 mm.
The longer bolt is designed so that it stiffens the initial compression, and lowers the rear of the bike. 

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